About Us

Kevin, Kirk, and Janet Narum purchased the Riolindo Coffee Lodge and Farm in July 2021.

Kevin and Kirk, 37-year-old twins, were adopted from India as toddlers. They grew up in Walla Walla, Washington.

Kevin graduated from Whitworth College, majoring in biology and later specializing in reptile and wildlife biology. Most recently, he has been working for the Mississippi Nature Conservancy in Hattiesburg.

Kirk worked 11 years for the Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards Training where he became a landscaper, appreciating the lush outdoor environment every day.

Janet, their mother, worked for two Oregon community colleges, directing education programs at three prisons. In 2019, she retired and moved to Cotacachi, Ecuador.

On three different occasions, Kevin and Kirk joined Janet for vacation excursions around Ecuador.  They were impressed with the biodiversity and amazing creatures found in many locations.  In early 2021, Kevin and Kirk began looking for a good place to live, work, and explore, searching properties in Mindo, the Ecuadorian coast, and the beautiful Intag Valley. They liked the Intag area because of its birding/wildlife and its proximity to Cotacachi, the Otavalo Indigenous Market, and the Quito Airport. Then they became intrigued with the Riolindo Coffee Lodge and working coffee farm in Cuellaje in the Intag Valley.

Janet returned to the coffee farm and met with Ivan Suarez, one of the previous owners.  Ivan’s powerful love for organic coffee farming was contagious, so Kevin, Kirk and Janet purchased the farm in July 2021.

After selling his house in Oregon, Kirk immediately moved to Ecuador in the summer of 2021. Kevin moved to Ecuador six months later. To ensure continuity, the Narums have continued to employ Ivan’s farm workers. Fausto, Alfredo, and Oscar Rodriguez know a great deal about how to produce the best possible Ecuadorian coffee and the Narum and Rodriguez families have been learning a great deal from one another.