Coffee Harvesting:  During May through September, you may choose to help us pick coffee as we learn about coffee farming procedures.

Hiking:  There are many small, winding roads with picturesque views for both casual and avid hikers.


Smoky pewees, cock-of-the rocks, tropical kingbirds, blue grey tanagers, and scrub tanagers are just a few of the many types of birds that were seen at or near Rio Lindo Coffee Lodge in late 2021.

Doug Edwards lives in Cotacachi and he spotted the following birds at or near Rio Lindo Coffee Lodge April 13, 14, 15 & 16 2022:  White Winged Tanager pair, Great Thrush 5, Eared Dove 4, Black Vulture 10+, Rufous Collared Sparrow 4, Rufous-Tailed Hummingbird 4, Western Emerald Hunningbird pair,

Golden Tanager 4, Black-capped Tanager 2 pair, Scrub Tanager 3, Blue Gray

Tanager 2, House Wren (Southern) 2, Black Phoebe 3, White-Sided Flower-Piercer pair, Golden-Napped Tanager 2 pair, Cock of the Rock 2, Rusty-Margined Flycatcher 5+, Andean Emerald pair, White Whiskered Hermit 1, Thick-Billed Euphonia 3, Blue-Winged Mountain Tanager 5, Purple Throated Woodstar pair, Masked Flower-Piercer pair, Booted Rackettail 1 m, Blackburnian Warbler 1 m, Turkey Vulture 1, Blue and White Swallow 4, Golden Olive Woodpecker 1, White-Crested Elaienia 3, Variable Seedeater 1 f, Squirrel Cuckoo 1, Tropical Kingbird 2, Crimson Mantled Toucanet 1, Southern Rough-winged Swallow










Hot Springs:  The fantastic Nangluvi Hot Springs is only 30 minutes from the lodge.  We can help arrange taxi rides to the hot springs at reasonable rates.

Internet:  Good quality internet has been added to the lodge and also to the dining/patio area.

Need to unwind?  Relax as you gaze out at the lush surroundings or sit by the fireplace and chat with  friends. Yes, we have exercise equipment too!