Getting to the Riolindo Farm

Our Riolindo Coffee Lodge is located In Cuellaje, four to five hours north of the Quito Airport by car.

Bus: We can give you directions for taking the bus to the north Quito bus station and then to Otavalo. The bus from Otavalo to Cuellaje brings you within a half-mile of our farm.  You can take a taxi or simply walk 20 minutes to the farm.

Taxi: A taxi directly from the Quito Airport to Cotacachi is $60 and then to the coffee farm is an additional $70. If you arrive in Quito during the night, you may want to stay in a hotel near the airport or travel two hours to Cotacachi to spend the night, before continuing on to the coffee farm the next day.

Van: A larger group may find the van more economical.  We can connect you with a van company that transports eight people from Quito to the farm for $180.  If you arrive during the night, you may want to stay at an airport hotel and take the van the next day.

We work closely with a taxi driver and van company that are very familiar with the Cuellaje area.