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Welcome to the Riolindo Coffee Lodge.  We are now taking reservations at WhatsApp   593 99 382 9478 or write to janet.narum@gmail.com

Our lodge is surrounded by a working coffee farm near Cuellaje in the Intag Valley of Ecuador. We are looking forward to your visit.  As you probably know, Ecuador produces some of the best tasting coffee in the world and we look forward to serving you some of this fantastic coffee.

At our Riolindo Coffee Lodge, you can go hiking, birding, explore the farm, or simply relax on the deck of the lodge while listening to the river as it ripples through the forest. Some visitors also revel in traveling to the fantastic Nangluvi Hot Springs in Apuela about 30 minutes from the farm.

You may also thoroughly appreciate relaxing by the fireplace in our outdoor patio area. You can find exercise equipment and a warm jacuzzi in the patio area as well.

Private bathrooms have been added to four lodge bedrooms. Most other rooms will have a shared bathroom down the hall.